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Shevonne is a cute little girl who has turn 10 last September. When she and her mom went to Boracay. Shevonne was fascinate by the hair stylist and made her indulge on braiding her hair also. This is what the up come looks like. She’s such a big girl now.

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Shevonne was totally happy after their stay at Boracay Island. According to her, It was really fun and she had a wonderful time during their trip.

15 comments on “Shevonne on her new hairstyle”

  1. Wow! who did her hair? it looks cute on her. That’s one of the advantages of having daughter/s, you can make them “kikay”.

  2. Braids are really in this summer! There are even different kinds of braids to try. I haven’t tried tha kind of braid yet.

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