Public Display of Affection: Was it fun to Watch?

PDA better known as Public Display of Affection has made me write about this. If you happen to see your daughter with her boyfriend on PUJ or Public Utility Jeep hugging and kissing or showing off. What would you feel? Often, I feel something weird. I tend to look at them with my glaring eyes. Ha ha! And those persons would tend to smile sarcastically. Well, they have the right! This is a free country so they can do whatever they want.

Image not mine

I was thinking, why I am like that! Perhaps, I did what they just did! Oh my! On the other hand, I just want to emphasize that a person who is in love could do a lot of things, maybe I saw it wrong but to them they’ve done nothing wrong!

To this extent, I just hope that those lovebirds can finish their education. They should be adult enough to know what is rightful and not. The parents should always check on their daughter or son and talk to them on this matter.

We cannot avoid this PDA thing, wherever we go there’s always be someone who will do this. As for me, it is not fun to watch either.

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