JM on being Sick: First Hospital Experience

Last Saturday my nephew got hospitalized, his platelet count was below the normal level and the physician recommends for him to be admitted at the hospital. This is the first time in his 2 years to be at the hospital ground. Sadly, when I saw his hand and took a picture of it. His father said that the nurse tried injecting the needle 12 times before the dextrose was attached but the vein is too small and so they decided to put it at his left foot.

My heart was aching to see how a little boy could survive the pain. Ultimately, JM got traumatized, when nurses or the doctor in-charge examined him, he will suddenly cry and said I’m okay, but because he is too afraid when he sees those medical practitioners without his knowledge, he urinates at his pants.

When he’s platelet count reach 302, we were advised to be discharged but the problem was he had a fever during the night and was shaking, and then the x-ray revealed that JM has bronco pneumonia. The doctor has advised to us to stay behind to be able to receive treatment for his bronco pneumonia. After a day or two the fever subsided, antibiotic for treatment is directly injected into his shoulder. So as the dextrose were removed.

I am glad that today, he got discharged from the hospital. Tomorrow he will be back at the hospital for the follow-up check up. Just hoping it will end well.

Getting to know my Niece Shevonne

Last September 09, 2011 Rhofelle Shevonne celebrated her 10th year birthday in Lupon, Davao Oriental. She went to Stella Maris Academy of Davao and transferred to Maryknoll School of Lupon. She is now an incoming Grade Five student and recognized with honors last School year. She was born in Brent London where her mom works. She was brought her at the 2 months old until now.

 photo 167679_178087698880785_100000386671391_457153_4422208_n-259x300_zps48860c09.jpg

When she was 7 years old, she joined the Munting Mutya ng Dabaw. Apparently, she did not win the pageant but at least had experienced it. She wanted to become a flight stewardess and I hope it will be then realized.

Her 10th birthday has been very extravagant. It’s like celebrating a debut party, that’s what I thought.

Well, you can read about her from the coming articles and I will be talking about her and my other nephews as well.

Mother’s Day at D Leonor Inland Resort

The family decided to have simple celebration of the mother’s day at D Leonor inland resort. It was our first time at the resort. The place is huge and a lot of people are coming in to experience their wave pool. Upon arrival we went to the cashier to pay for the entrance fee then we waited for their in-house service to take us to our cottage.

Due to time constraints, we were unable to explore the place. However, we were brought to our cottage near the pool side. The scorching heat of the sun really makes your eyes swollen. But to my surprise a lot of people are swimming in the people.

We had fun experiencing the pool. Though the wave is not that big but at least we enjoyed it.