Leaving the World without Trace (A Song for Rapael)

When I heard this very inspiring music (a song for Rapael) in a local radio station, I started to internalize it and heard a wonderful song for a son that have left the world without trace. After knowing that my sister gave birth to a baby boy but after 4 days he bids farewell with a strong heart to live but unfortunately his health wouldn’t allow it.

I’ve seen my sister in pain but I told her to let it go and accept the fact that our little angel is in heaven anymore. Maybe he is not meant for us but to God. I knew deep inside my sister her sorrow, grief is very large but for them to continue on living because they still have their first-born child with them and we should always be thankful of that.

And in remembrance of my nephew who is with the Lord now. I am praying for him and will remember him always. He will continue to be our little angel.

This song is for him!

Tips On Locating The Best Video Converter Software Option

Are you on the hunt of a good video converter software? A video converter software is much needed when you play a video file from one device to another as not all devices support all video file formats. If you don’t have a video converter you have to learn some really perplex data like video codecs, aspect ratio, video resolution etc. which can be too baffling for a layman. There is a good deal of video converter software options in the market but the catch is that not all would be able to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Thus, the post below jots down some important points to check out while you are going to invest on a good video converter software program.

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Image Credit: Photobucket.com-JFlodder

Comparison study

This is the primary point to consider while you are about to buy the video converter software. You have to shortlist say 5-6 such potential software programs and take up a comparison study between them. Study the expert reviews on them – don’t forget to go through the customer testimonials as well. The one you take to should carry a very strong reputation in the market and should be backed by satisfied customers. It’s good if you can settle with internationally acknowledged brands.

User-friendly interface

Then, your chosen video converter program should come up with a user-friendly interface. The best ones do not call for anything more than basic computing skills. Moreover, some of the most credible video converter software programs even carry a multi-lingual interface.

The formats

Make sure that your selected video converter software programs support your needed file formats. The leading video converter options are able to support all the popular audio and video formats, such as MP4, AVI, 3GP,MOV, WAV, MP3, WMV, MKV, FLV & more.

Easy batch conversion

If you are planning to convert a number of media files at one go, you have to check whether your chosen video converter option allows easy batch conversion or not. The best software programs allow a very speedy batch conversion- so don’t forget to check the batch conversion speed before you sign up with the software.

Video output quality

This is one of the most significant points to consider while you are about to choose a good video converter software program. The one you take to should assure a premium video conversion without any harm to the video output quality. It should be armed with latest codes to ensure impeccable video quality sans any noticeable loss.

Audio adjustment

Sound adjustment is often needed when one is converting a video file into another format. Thus, make sure that your chosen video converter software program is designed for sound adjustment. The software should be able to normalize, decrease/increase the audio volume instantly- sans re-encoding the vieo track.
Movavi Video Converter is one of the most highly acclaimed video converter software programs today which is acknowledged globally in more than 150 countries. The popular video converter assures a 79 times faster conversion speed in comparison to its contenders. The software is available both for Windows & Mac users. You can directly opt this from www.movavi.com/videoconverter/index.html.

An Instant Love Affair: What does it reflect?

I had witnessed this instant love affair when I rode a van back to Davao City from Lupon Davao Oriental. When were at Lupon, I noticed that a young man and a woman were just casually talking about something like where you were from? How did you get here and etc. but things changed when the van started too moved out from where we are.

Image not mine

To make the story short, I was surprised how the woman behaved during the course of our trip. That said woman is like hugging the man beside her and then when we arrived in Buhangin, these two people was asking their names. I couldn’t hardly believe it how today’s generation of woman behaves but I am not generalizing everyone.

I think these only shows that women nowadays are really literally obvious and liberated and men can really takes advantage of it. I just hope that the parents should really have a close tie with their children and they should always follow-up whatever activities their children have. So that they will have a good future.