An Instant Love Affair: What does it reflect?

I had witnessed this instant love affair when I rode a van back to Davao City from Lupon Davao Oriental. When were at Lupon, I noticed that a young man and a woman were just casually talking about something like where you were from? How did you get here and etc. but things changed when the van started too moved out from where we are.

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To make the story short, I was surprised how the woman behaved during the course of our trip. That said woman is like hugging the man beside her and then when we arrived in Buhangin, these two people was asking their names. I couldn’t hardly believe it how today’s generation of woman behaves but I am not generalizing everyone.

I think these only shows that women nowadays are really literally obvious and liberated and men can really takes advantage of it. I just hope that the parents should really have a close tie with their children and they should always follow-up whatever activities their children have. So that they will have a good future.

Top Things to Make Your Mom Happy

As a child you might have seen your mom having a dull or gloomy face when she is having a bad day or while suffering from a health issue. Though most of you might know what you must not say to your mom, it is important for you to know about a few things that can bring a smile on her face. The website would tell you some of the simple things you can say to make her feel special.
Moms Moments

1. Just smile: Even if you don’t know what to tell your mom, you can smile at her. This will convey to your mom that you are happy to see your mom and you wish to make her feel happy. Just a simple smile can communicate a lot to your mom, make her relief and relaxed. So smile often.

2. She is doing a great job: All the mothers would love their kids to tell them that you think she is spoiling everything and would even feel that you think that she is a loser. When you say that you are proud of her or happy that she is doing a great job. You will be making your mom relieved and grateful as it tells her that you care about her. Try this line when your mom is having a very bad day at office.

3. Tell her she looks nice: Most moms do not care about their appearance or looks as their work load and other problems would not give them the time to improve their appearance. However all sons and daughters would be proud of their mom as they feel this too moms look great even after she looks nice as it would make her feel happy and confident.

4. Decision maker: It is important for you to support your mom when she is confused or is worried about taking a big decision about something. You have to tell your mom that you think she is a pretty good decision maker and is strong enough to handle anything.

5. Give her credit being a mom: You must first understand that the role that your mom plays in your life is not an easy thing. The other persons who might be in your life cannot take up a mom’s role. Hence stop looking at your mom as a simple human being. Also tell her that the things she is doing for you is awesome and it is tough to be a mom.

These days most of the moms are working and have stressful job routines making tough for them to smile every day.

Happy birthday to my Ever Dearest Hubby

It was a simple birthday celebration together with our family and relatives. Hubby has just celebrated his 38th birthday and we are so thankful for all the blessing we receive every day. I know that it may not be the grandest celebration ever, but the thought that counts the most.

 photo 10580226_10152736265084703_8088721365021257983_n_zps031dc017.jpg

These are all the foods that we ate together. This maybe be few, but we are all becoming a happy eaters. I made him a different cake instead of a real birthday cake, I baked a custard cake instead because we don’t want to eat frosting. So, I decided to make it. So here is it.

 photo 10614399_10152736264704703_6678426663771312676_n_zpsed7b9c7f.jpg

Also, this is an exclusive family birthday celebration, so picture-taking was very essential for the said occasion so we did it before eating.

 photo 10645298_10152736264879703_6797361513175321153_n_zpscd1113e4.jpg

To my Hubby, Happy Birthday. I wish you Good health and a Long Life of course. I want to be with you forever and I hope God will grant our prayers. I love you so much and keep the faith always. Hopefully, God will grant our heart’s desire.