Happy New Year and Welcome 2015!!!

This is a simple way of celebrating New Year’s Eve in our home. Actually, this is our first ever New Year’s Eve celebration in our very own home. Hubby and I are very happy to celebrate it with our friends and relatives. Though, we did not have much to offer the thought really count I guess.

happy new year photo: Happy new year T281209_09C.gif

We woke up early in the morning on the 31st of December 2014 because of the pastries we had to cook and bake for the orders made few days ago. Our day was a bit tiring but fun because we were able to make money from our hard work. That is why, we did not get enough time to cook for our Medya Noche late in the evening.

What I did was, I ordered some food at New England Restaurant here in Lupon instead. We did buy some picka-pick a food in Davao City while being there and cook it too for our dinner. Here’s what we have during our Medya Noche

 photo PhotoGrid_1420090035396_zps17d3bed2.jpg

We really had a great time. Hoping that all our heart desires will be realize this Year. Once again, Happy New Year and We welcome 2015 with a Bang!!!

Will I have trouble getting pregnant after Yaz?

Many women choose to use Yaz, also known as Yazmin, as their birth control method of choice. Yaz is a birth control pill that contains both estrogen and progestin. Yaz has been a regular birth control method of choice for many women for a long time now, but recent issues have come up that now question the safety of the drug and what it may mean for women trying to get pregnant after stopping the use of Yaz. Pregnancytips.org says that Yaz and other drugs containing the hormone drospirenone have come under fire and many lawsuits have been filed claiming that these drugs have caused hundreds of deaths, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, gallbladder disease, elevated potassium levels and other problems.

pregnancy photo: pregnancy _dec8452.jpg
Image Credit: Photobucket.com-ssgeetha

Online message boards and forums are filled with women who claim that Yaz is the reason for their fertility issues and that it is what is keeping them from getting pregnant. Of course, there has been no official word that this is true, but many women believe that it is. It is very important to talk with your doctor or health care provider if you are trying to get pregnant after taking Yaz or any other form of birth control.

Any method to be used, whether it is natural or artificial should always be consulted with your ob-gyne first hand before taking anything. Perhaps, your girlfriend or wife is having difficulty conceiving it is best to consult your doctor first.

Kids Art and Doodle: The Famous Olaf of Disney’s Frozen

Here’s another drawing made by my niece Shevonne when the famous movie Frozen rose to stardom. She borrowed my Asus Fonepad and when I checked my table phone well this is what I saw. I called it Kids Art and Doodle: The Famous Olaf of Disney’s Frozen. Thanks to the creative mind of my niece, she did great with Olaf. Right?

 photo olaf_zps96582243.png

But before this one she made this Simple Farm House and the Flag of Great Britain. Kids really are very artistic and creative that is why, I encouraged them to express their feelings and creativity through drawing or any form of arts. Whatever comes out with their minds, well turns into great arts and the adults like us will be fascinated by their output. Right?

So, this is the third installment of her drawing. I have more here. So please check it here from time to time. Hopefully, I can post it here the soonest.