Shevonne on her new hairstyle

 photo 12_zpsdfc4e715.jpg

Shevonne is a cute little girl who has turn 10 last September. When she and her mom went to Boracay. Shevonne was fascinate by the hair stylist and made her indulge on braiding her hair also. This is what the up come looks like. She’s such a big girl now.

 photo 21_zps44321487.jpg

Shevonne was totally happy after their stay at Boracay Island. According to her, It was really fun and she had a wonderful time during their trip.

JM on his Driving Lesson with Tito Ben’s

JM is on the move again, he was very excited to do the driving thing. When we went around Davao City and able to strolled the street, he was anxious to hold the driving wheel. However, he was just staring at my husband his Tito bens and was not moving at all. He wanted to hold the driving wheel but he’s too shy to call the attention of his Tito.

 photo 2012-02-04-133824-300x225_zps79bc994d.jpg

But when my husband caught him off guard, JM was not able to say no and he seated on the lap of his Tito and had the grip of the driving wheel. JM was looking at his mom at back and wanted to seek refuge but I told him to navigate the steering wheel and he played around.

 photo 2012-02-04-133906-300x225_zpsff974b77.jpg

 photo 2012-02-04-133819-300x225_zps1c40fa83.jpg

He was so cute and said broom, broom, broom, we just laughed at him.

Kids Art and Doodle: The Famous Elsa of Disney’s Frozen Movie

Here’s another addition to the drawing that my niece Shevonne made, when she was still here in the country. Kids nowadays are very fond of using gadgets and can easily familiarized apps for that matter right? She just used the drawing tool of my Asus Fonepad and then a very cute Kids Art and Doodle: The Famous Elsa of Disney’s Frozen Movie was made.

 photo Elsa_zpsfec326e5.png

I guess, this is the 4th drawing that I have posted on my site and when I told here that I wrote about here drawings, she just screamed and laughed and told me that her drawing wasn’t good enough but I said. No, it’s very creative and beautiful. If Elsa would have seen this, she will Thank you.

I want to inspire her to draw more, since, she has the gift and the creativity to pursue it. She also draws Olaf from Disney’s Frozen Movie. I guess, Frozen Movie captures the heart of every child and the child at heart too. lol.