Playing Time with my nephew at Zoo Safari in SM City Davao

It was the first time my nephew had been to Zoo Safari in SM City Davao. He was being astounded by the number of children around him. My nephew has turn 2 years old last February 11, 2012 and I called him nicknamed him JM short for Jayden Matthew, it was my birthday treat for him aside from the chocolate cake I bought.

 photo 2012-02-11-134422-300x225_zps50a9c301.jpg

He was afraid to play with other kids and he chose to stay on the side but the moment he saw a small bike he automatically rode it and drove it around the playing area. We were fascinated to see him navigate the bike.

 photo 2012-02-11-135124-300x225_zps6eaeae65.jpg

 photo 2012-02-11-134544-300x225_zps1c0945d4.jpg

We stayed there for almost two-hour and her wanted to stay longer but the time flew very fast and it’s almost dinner time. We need to be home in time for our simple birthday dinner for JM.

Kids Art and Doodle: The Flag of Great Britain

As I was checking on my Asus Fonepad, my niece Shevonne has drawn another cute art and now it’s the flag of Great Britain. Shevonne was born in London, United Kingdom and this explains why she did this. I am not really inclined with paintings and arts, but I am happy to see the artistic side of my niece.

 photo London_zps5755dc11.jpg

Just hoping that she justified the flag and here’s the another art and doodle she made previously. She wanted to be a fashion designer someday, but she is still too young to choose what she really wanted to be in the future. I asked her about the drawing and she said, it’s the result of boredom. Oh well, it’s good to see she had made a good result of her boredom, right?

Kids Art and Doodle: Simple Farm House

The niece Shevonne made this using my Asus Fonepad. Since, I am not good at drawing things, she borrowed my Fonepad because she was bored. She is very keen in exploring my Fonepad application and this is what she did to erase her boredom. It turned out to be an art.

 photo house_zps43c9fbb7.png

This is the first installment of the many creative things she has drawn and I want to showcase it here in my blog. Though, it’s very simple, but I am proud of it. I know she loves to draw and make something creative and I support her all the way.

Hopefully, this Kids Art and Doodle: Simple Farm House she made will make a mark in your thoughts. Till the next art and doodle.

See you soon!