Mindanao Toy Convention

Mindanao Toy Convention was at Gaisano Mall of Davao last may 6-13, 2012. I never thought there would be such as toy convention. When I looked around, I was enchanted the commotion a lot of people made at the atrium of Gaisano Mall. When I went down due to my curiosity I was amazed and startled by the display of toys, not just an ordinary toy some of it is taller than me. Whew!

I began to stroll around to see the toy that was displayed. I guess some toys are priceless and is older than me, lol. I got the chance to see them and took some pictures.

I am just simply happy.

The Little Rhowelle Dee

Rhowelle Dee is now 1 year and almost 4 months old. Whenever he sees things and heard what the oldies are talking he will mimic it right away. Sometimes, when somebody is asleep and if he heard you snoring then he would snore too and the funny thing is when you mention the person’s name he will automatically snore. Ha ha!

This is his humble abode, but most of the time he is walking everywhere. Right now, he can mumble and sometimes can utter your name clearly. He can now understand the things you told him. Like, do not go there and Rhowelle Dee will answer Mo Mo! (Scary creäture).

Join me in growing old with Rhowelle Dee.

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog! Mommy Hopeful is a personal website; it will show you how to learn the ways to uplifting and managing your day-to-day work even though you’re a full-time working mom. A life of full surprises that is will make us a bit livelier and prettier than ever. Being with our kids, instilling them young mind how to respect and molding their character is one way of teaching them good values.

Apart from that, Mommy Hopeful also wants to partake in any endeavor that can make one’s life more meaningful. Being love and be loved is such a great thing to have in this world. This blog also want to receive feedback, comments and suggestion on a certain topic that might arouse your thoughts.

I will be delighted to hear words from you. This is Mommy Hopeful and WELCOME to my world!