Homemakers Business Ideas and Power Tool Solutions

Today’s new generations of moms are very intelligent, energetic and an internet savvy too. In this new era of internet evolution, something big have plunged into this world and made an ultimate earning opportunity for most of the stay at home moms (SAHM) or work at home moms (WAHM) and eventually those homemakers established their businesses at home. Luckily, I am one of the millions who use the internet creatively to make a living.


When a friend introduces me to this wonderful SEER Product Tools, first I was skeptical but I found out later that the management tools they have been superb. If you’re planning to start with a simple business at home, as an ordinary homemaker then you could use their project management tool.

Being a blogger and a wife with busy schedules can greatly affect you momentum sometimes. In fact, you’re hooked with the latest stuff you are working you might not be able to stand for a while. Perhaps, it is great to have some help with regards to software’s and hardware you used often.

As I was talking with a friend, I found out that we have the same level of interest and found blogging indeed amusing and somehow helped us developed our sense of belonging. I have encouraged my friends to try blogging and see for themselves what it can do to them.  But there have been problems since most of them do not have a laptop or a personal computer to start with.  I could understand their sentiments. Most of the time, you need to be online for a couple of hours to look for advertiser or merely updating your blog. You need to see if your blog is visible enough to have website traffic.

During our conversation, it had clear up some issues that I’ve been asking for quit sometime, the basic of blogging and how to continually monetizing it. But there are bloggers who blogs just for fun, it like making their own diary and they just want to share their personal thoughts about certain topics and issues.

Being a homemaker is not hard; you just have to use all the resources available to make the most of it. Just be happy and be contented. If you want to know more click here.

Is your Parents diagnosed with Cardio-Vascular Disease?


Well, I am one of those people whose parent is suffering from cardio vascular disease and hypertension. It was in 2007 that my father had his first ever heart attack.  I could see his face all red and I brought him to the hospital immediately. He was diagnosed with myocardial infarction (MI); he had never gone to the doctor for a general checkup. I often told him to do so, but he insisted that nothing is wrong with him and he doesn’t want to take any medication or maintenance medicine for that matter.

The first time he had experienced heart attack was he had to grasps for more air and I could not want his agony to go further. When we arrived in the hospital, my father was taken to the emergency room and different test were done eventually. After a few hours he was transferred to CCU and there were gadgets attached to his body. Good thing that CVTSA Doctors are there to help assess the overall health of my father.

Mitral Valve Surgeons has done some heart surgery to those patients that need an operation right away. These doctors are really good; they have sympathized and generously give their best to keep their patient regain healthy physique back. As we all know, is not easy to undergo a bypass operation.

As for my father, he stayed at the hospital for a week. At least he doesn’t need any operation for the moment. But to his dismay he is obliged now to take his daily dose of maintenance medicine right after he discharged at the hospital.

My father would always told us his childhood stories about their family, at a young age he started working for them to buy some food for the entire family, they were six 4 boys and 2 girls. I guess being exposed in hard labor at a young age could really damage your health, though my father does not liquor or beer drinking but he smoke all the time. But he stops smoking right after his hospitalization.

I don’t know if it has a good or bad effect. What do you think?

Toddlers keep looking for Cars all the time

My nephew, who is 2 years old now, is always fascinated with cars. Like he always want to buy kinds of toy cars. When he was 1 year and 6 months old he would want to go outside and ride a taxi or any other moving vehicle just to stroll somewhere.

When my husband and I went to their house, he would always want to ride the car. So we brought JM outside to grasp some fresh air. Unfortunately the car broke down so we returned JM home and called our car mechanic. Good thing that an online store like Woodfins.com has a lot of guaranteed used auto parts. This is what we need now to cut down the maintenance cost of the car.

I am happy that the car is fixed and in good condition again. We will be able to use it again to visit JM and bring him to visit his grandparents.