JM Back on Track: He’s Love for Fries!

I am just happy that after his hospitalization he’s appetite is back to normal and I am quite amazed how he ate the French fries. The doctor had given him some medication and vitamins to bring him back on track – love for eating! This is the proof.. lol. I am just happy and blogged it anyway.

He thought someone is calling him and he grabbed the cell phone right away and said Hello! He is so adorable. Kids today are fast learners. They can automatically do some stuff using the handy phone. Anyway, I am happy that JM is recovering very fast. Hope he stay healthy.

A plan for the future: Going to school again for the 3rd Time

I have been bombarded with great news and opportunities online. As a working wife, I want to enrich further my skills and knowledge the internet has to offer. I am fascinated with a lot of things are that going on now. I want to study web development and other platforms of computer as well as the World Wide Web.

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I was searching for schools for any short courses available and ultimately I found one. But the sad part is June 29, 2012 is the last enrollment and I don’t have money now for that purpose. On the positive note, maybe I could enroll next semester if I have the money. In the meantime, I could scout for another school and be able to ask about the course.

What do school do you think offered superb short-term course when it come to IT or Information Technology?

Back to School Sale 2012

It’s back to school once again, I hope you bought your kid’s school supplies already and if you still haven’t well the Malls around the Metro is having this craze during the opening of classes. Though, there might be a lot of people who will be cramming around the Malls for the on sale price tag of school supplies such as bags, notebooks, pen, paper and especially the books.

Just a piece of advice, go for the Philippine made supplies it much cheaper and safe. Safety is the first thing that comes to mind. I bet there are some Parents who bought supplies that are made in China. Be cautious about it, though the price is very cheap. Health of your kids will be on the line. I’m not against those China made products, this is just a precautionary measures. As we all know, there are a lot of harmful chemicals that has been reported in the news about made in china products.

Love your own. Buy only Philippine Made products.