Cetaphil Skin Treats Promo: Fly to Hongkong for Free

In celebration for over 65 years in the business and to thank its loyal consumer Cetaphil the country’s most prescribed skin care CLEANSER by Dermatologist and Pediatrician is now launching the SKIN TREATS PROMO.


Win a Trip to Hongkong for two (2) absolutely free for 3D/2N with hotel accommodation, Disneyland day pass and a pocket-money worth US$100.

Easy Mechanics:

  1. Buy a Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 118mL
  2. Send a scanned copy of the official receipt as proof of purchase for Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 118mL and a photo holding the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 118mL with the following information: full name, landline/mobile number and email to IlovemyskinIlovecetaphil@gmail.com.
  3. Promo runs from October 22 to November 22, 2012 and is open to all Filipinos 18 years old and above.
  4. Follow @cetaphilippines ; @jandrada96 for twitter updates
  5. Like their Cetaphil Philippines FB Page to know more about the promo.

DISCLOSURE: Only Cetaphil Philippines has the authority to award the prize/s. This blog is not responsible for giving out the said prize.

Looking for a New Musical Instrument


I’ve been trying out kinds of musical instrument but I can’t take my eyes off to this one the versatile upright bass. Because of its sleek design I find it very cute. When we go to the bar to listen to some acoustic music I would try to look if one of the band member has this kind of guitar. However, I find none but I talked to them and told them if they knew about this kind of guitar and they said yes and accordingly they are planning on buying one but still lacks the money to buy the same.

Korean Drama: The Moon Embraces the Sun

Image not mine

I begin to have the interest in watching this drama when I saw it in the local network for the first time. I did not understand the story so I then watch the whole-episode online.

The Story:

It was in the Joseon Era where politics is greatly the main focus. In order to gain power innocent people who will become its offering. Betrayal, Greed is the only key to get what you wanted; the weak will be punished only the strong remained. But accordingly, the heaven would not allow this, thus, even the Crown Prince Lee Hwon has been a victim of this sort, his emotional well-being was being shattered when his Crown Princess died with an unknown illness. Further, the story continues when Heo Yeon U died.

After eight years, a shaman with no name become Wol and captures the heart of the King. After several death-defying experience, when the King was also curse, the Queen Dowager seek the help of the Head Shaman to deal with the Evil spirit, but she refuses so her spiritual daughter was forcely taken on her behalf. Then, the lowly shaman becomes a Talisman, who will drive out the evil spirit from the king’s body. She was allowed to enter the king’s chamber only when the king becomes asleep. But one day, the king did not drink the tea and was able to see who was the talisman and then saw her face.

From that moment the King wanted the Shaman Wol by his side. He wanted to be sure if the Shaman and her Crown Princess is the same but the Shaman Loss her memory and wondering who is she. The kingdoms politics becomes even more deadly, blood was everywhere, and more innocent people are killed. Hence, the king wanted to change everything for the future.

The Verdict

The story was indeed very heart warming, I cried many times but there are instances that you want to squeeze them and end up their wrong doings. The set and costume design was superb, the story itself is awesome. I couldn’t get my eyes off when I watch it online. So, I suggest you watch from the beginning. Somehow you will think about how dirty the politics get if there are more greedy people who wants more power. How I wish that we should always live a peaceful life and be happy of what we have. But we could not easily ease up one man’s desire.

So, I am giving them an overall rating of 4.5/5.

Link to Watch: