Family’s Health Matters Most

It has always been our first priority that the family should get healthcare insurance or the like. Whether we like it or not someone in the family would be sick. I am not praying for it but it is the reality might as well be practical about it and be ready in the near future. When is the right time to be ready? I said, be ready by now and you will not be sorry about it.

I heard that AAAP better known as American Academy for Private Physicians has provided direct service for the AAAP Patients, but sad to say, it is not available here in the country. As a matter of fact, all the physicians in the organization are trying their best to give their service even if you don’t have any health care insurance.

Going back to what I said a while back, our parents may need any medications because of old age and some diseases that may occur during their lifetime. Like, my father had been hospitalized because he suffered a heart attack. Back then we were unable to use the health care for him due to lack of payment. So, we were struck by the hospital bills and some medicines are not available in the hospital pharmacy. We are forced to buy it outside and so we run out of money.

Now we are vigilant that the health care insurance should be paid. When the time comes, the insurance is there to pay for the hospital bills not us. Always embrace healthy eating habit and the family should take part in daily exercise. I think it’s the best way to keep the family’s health even stronger.

Kids cute shoes at cheaper cost

 I found this cute shoes for boys at a thrifty store here in Davao. If you’re a mom on a tight budget then you can perhaps buy it for your sons new shoes. The color is good,  very refreshing and cool to the eye. I am planning on buying this for my nephew, I’ll bet he will surely love this.

The shoe is very light and handy really good for children. We all know that kids age ranges from 1-year-old  to 2 years old are very fond of walking, so we just need to give them comfortable shoes.  The cost of this shoes is more or less P100.00