Leaving the World without Trace (A Song for Rapael)

When I heard this very inspiring music (a song for Rapael) in a local radio station, I started to internalize it and heard a wonderful song for a son that have left the world without trace. After knowing that my sister gave birth to a baby boy but after 4 days he bids farewell with a strong heart to live but unfortunately his health wouldn’t allow it.

I’ve seen my sister in pain but I told her to let it go and accept the fact that our little angel is in heaven anymore. Maybe he is not meant for us but to God. I knew deep inside my sister her sorrow, grief is very large but for them to continue on living because they still have their first-born child with them and we should always be thankful of that.

And in remembrance of my nephew who is with the Lord now. I am praying for him and will remember him always. He will continue to be our little angel.

This song is for him!

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