Korean Drama: Boys over Flowers

This is the first Korean Drama has hooked me into watching different varieties of Korean Soaps. I was amazed how they plot the story and the production budget as well. In fact, I’ve it over and over and cried a lot too. I’ve seen Meteor Garden which was shown in the local TV station here in the Philippines and based on what I have seen; it was a different experienced watching the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango.

boys over flower

The Story

Guem Jan Di is an ordinary girl who happens to rescue a bullied student at a prestigious in Korea and was later become a sensation and because of that, she was offered scholarship in that school and later found out about Gu Jun Pyo who is the heir of a very large company in Korea.

Gu Jun Pyo being the sole heir made his mother very protective and made precautionary measure to keep their family tradition alive. But Gu Jun Pyo opposed to it when he fell in love with Guem Jan di.

My Reaction

I really had a great time watching Boys over Flower or Boys before Flower. Since, I was very eager to finished up the 25 episode and done with it over 4 days. My eyes are sore out because I was really crying whole heartedly with this drama. I encouraged my sisters to watch it too and they did with me around. He he

The Flower 4 was really cool and Loved how they portrayed their roles. I bet you all know the cast, since they are very popular nowadays.

I am really in love with the story, however, the final episode was not the superb but at least I am really entertain and got hooked to watch other Korean drama available online. I bet a lot of you really love the Korean invasion these days.

So, I am giving them an overall rating of 4.9/5

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