Google Doodle Happy Birthday Claire!

Today marks the 35 years of my existence and I am truly thankful for the love and blessing that God and my family showered upon me. I have yet to conquer another milestone in my life wherein God only knows what next. I am always praying for good health, abundance, love, peace, patience and everything if I may say and come to think of it and guess what? Google has made me a Doodle on my Birthday. Wow! This was so amazing.

Happy Birthday Claire Google Doodle

To my husband who is ever-loving and supportive, I thank God every day that he led me to you. You are my happiness and joy, Thank you and I love.

To my Parents who have been there through thick and thin and accept s me of who I am Thank you so much and I love you both

To my sisters thank you for all trust, respect and love you have shown me.

To my friends, relatives, in-laws who remembered me on my birthday; thank you all so much. I couldn’t utter more how happy I am today.

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