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4th Mindanao Toy Convention

When I went to Gaisano Mall of Davao I never thought that something on going on there and I was really shocked to see all those anime wannabe’s gathered there and in different costumes because a cosplay contest was on the process. When I finally in the atrium some contestants were loitering around because they finished competing. As what I’ve heard there’s over 100 plus contestants for the cosplay alone.

 photo 2013-05-12163922_zps8494eae8.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12155847_zps38f5d743.jpg

 one of the participants and I don’t know what kind of anime character he portrays

 photo 2013-05-12155814_zps0f229ee0.jpg

 taken this photo on the far side. I only used my cellphone

 photo 2013-05-12155735_zps0ae6ed7e.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12155344_zpse214df38.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12155327_zps11400519.jpg

 I think this is Bruce Lee! 🙂

 photo 2013-05-12155320_zpsc9d07f4a.jpg

 and this is the one I was amazed. How much does this one cost?

I was lucky enough to have been witnessed the 3rd Mindanao Toy Convention and you can read it here. Though, I was not able to bring my digital camera the good thing there that my Samsung Galaxy Y has a good photo resolution.

I guess, the event was a great success and I was not able to finished and wait until the winners have been announced since I have to rush back at the hospital where my niece got admitted. I’ve just been there to buy our dinner. 🙂

They Finally Met!

At last, JM and Rhowelle finally meet in person. They are my two nephews, JM is the son of my sister and Rhowelle is the son of my sister-in-law. They are a year apart. JM is a year older than Rhowelle and I was very happy to see them both played around.


When Rhowelle got sick and we went to stay at our house in Davao where JM lives too. Due to the long distance of place it is seldom to see them both, like I now live here in Davao Oriental and we are thousands of kilometers apart.

I tried to take a snapshot of the two little boys for them to see in the future when they grow up. Hoping they will become friends then.