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Playing Time with my nephew at Zoo Safari in SM City Davao

It was the first time my nephew had been to Zoo Safari in SM City Davao. He was being astounded by the number of children around him. My nephew has turn 2 years old last February 11, 2012 and I called him nicknamed him JM short for Jayden Matthew, it was my birthday treat for him aside from the chocolate cake I bought.

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He was afraid to play with other kids and he chose to stay on the side but the moment he saw a small bike he automatically rode it and drove it around the playing area. We were fascinated to see him navigate the bike.

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We stayed there for almost two-hour and her wanted to stay longer but the time flew very fast and it’s almost dinner time. We need to be home in time for our simple birthday dinner for JM.

JM on his Driving Lesson with Tito Ben’s

JM is on the move again, he was very excited to do the driving thing. When we went around Davao City and able to strolled the street, he was anxious to hold the driving wheel. However, he was just staring at my husband his Tito bens and was not moving at all. He wanted to hold the driving wheel but he’s too shy to call the attention of his Tito.

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But when my husband caught him off guard, JM was not able to say no and he seated on the lap of his Tito and had the grip of the driving wheel. JM was looking at his mom at back and wanted to seek refuge but I told him to navigate the steering wheel and he played around.

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He was so cute and said broom, broom, broom, we just laughed at him.

Will I have trouble getting pregnant after Yaz?

Many women choose to use Yaz, also known as Yazmin, as their birth control method of choice. Yaz is a birth control pill that contains both estrogen and progestin. Yaz has been a regular birth control method of choice for many women for a long time now, but recent issues have come up that now question the safety of the drug and what it may mean for women trying to get pregnant after stopping the use of Yaz. says that Yaz and other drugs containing the hormone drospirenone have come under fire and many lawsuits have been filed claiming that these drugs have caused hundreds of deaths, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, gallbladder disease, elevated potassium levels and other problems.

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Online message boards and forums are filled with women who claim that Yaz is the reason for their fertility issues and that it is what is keeping them from getting pregnant. Of course, there has been no official word that this is true, but many women believe that it is. It is very important to talk with your doctor or health care provider if you are trying to get pregnant after taking Yaz or any other form of birth control.

Any method to be used, whether it is natural or artificial should always be consulted with your ob-gyne first hand before taking anything. Perhaps, your girlfriend or wife is having difficulty conceiving it is best to consult your doctor first.