Are There Alternatives To Frontline Flea Products?

Frontline is the most popular brand of flea care product for both cats and dogs but there are occasions when the use of Frontline Spot-On may not be a beneficial or even viable alternative. Fortunately, there are other products which can also be used to help counteract and beat a flea problem in your pets. If you are looking for an alternative to Frontline Spot-On because of a bad reaction then there are alternative makes of liquid pipettes available too.


Regular flea care is important for the continued health of your cat or dog. Fleas are a nuisance at best and, if they are left unchecked they can cause real irritation to an animal’s coat and skin. Prevention is better than cure because once fleas have adopted a new home they can be very difficult to combat. Do consult the packaging of whichever treatment you use but, generally, it is recommended that you treat for fleas every month. You should also consider regular deworming treatment, such as Drontal tablets, to help keep your cat or dog as healthy as possible.

Unfortunately, some dogs and cats may suffer an allergic reaction to Frontline. Their coat may fall out and the skin becomes very irritated. If this does occur, then you should stop using Frontline and consult with your vet regarding the allergic reaction.


Using an alternative spot-on treatment can help prevent these allergic reactions from occurring. One such treatment is Effipro. This works in a similar way to other spot on treatments as it soaks into the natural oils of the coat where it is then dispersed around the dog’s body. Fleas are killed off over the space of a few days and the treatment should be applied every month to enjoy the flea free benefits offered.

Spot on treatments are considered the best option for flea treatment. They are easy to apply and can be applied at home rather than having to take your cat or dog to the vets. They will work for a month at a time, too, and there are a number of options available ensuring that, even if your dog has a bad reaction to one, they can still enjoy effective and lasting results.

6 Comments on Are There Alternatives To Frontline Flea Products?

  1. gagay
    March 2, 2013 at 11:36 pm (4 years ago)

    This must be a good product for dog flea, I assume though haven’t tried this one yet. I just tried other product and it was also effective for our cats and dogs. Up to now, they all are healthy, worm-free and flea-free. :)

  2. jane
    March 3, 2013 at 10:51 am (4 years ago)

    i dont have any experiences with animals because we havent’ tried to own one yet though this is a very good tips! Must read for those who owns one already! xx


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