The Importance of Letting Your Kids Participate in After School Activities

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Your child may or may not have come to you yet with a permission form for an academic team, sports team, school play, or another after school activity. If they have not, however, you may want to encourage them to do something they are interested in. The reason for this is that there are several benefits to letting your kids participate in extracurricular activities.

It Teaches Time Management

When your child participates in an extracurricular activity, they must still make time for homework, studying, their friends, and recreation. To do this, they need time management skills. Once they have learned how much time is needed to make the commitment to their activity, they also have to fit things around their schedule. This is a necessary skill that will be very useful in the work world once they have their first job.

Building Self-Esteem

When you let your kid choose an activity that they are passionate about, it can help them build self-esteem. The reason for this is that it allows them to master new skills. This is especially true because children are more likely to participate in something they feel dedicated enough to that they will be able to master it in the future.

Increases Diversity

Kids may not know what they are interested in right away. They may have to try a few sports or go out for a spot in the band before they realize what their passion is. Allowing them to try different after school activities increases their diversity. It also allows them the chance to find out what they are passionate about in life.

Contributing to a Larger Group

Extracurricular activities require that your child works with others. This is true whether they are participating in the band, academics, sports, or another activity. When children learn from a young age that it is important to contribute to a group, it is more likely to help instill the ideals that will allow them to contribute to society in the future. This is an important skill in the work world, as well as in life in general.

Improving Goal-Setting Abilities

Setting goals is very important when it comes to striving for achievement in any area. When your child pursues an after school activity that they are passionate about, they may be more likely to strive for something else. This can include a leading role in the band or school play, trying to get into the state finals in their sport, or another goal. When they set goals in these areas, the skills they learn transfer over into later in life.

Improving Chance of College Acceptance

Many colleges look at the number of extracurricular activities that a student has completed before accepting them. This is because it allows a deeper opportunity to understand each student. Additionally, it shows that a student has been exposed to skills such as time management, contributing to society, and others that are important to success in college.

Improved Performance in Several Areas

There have been numerous studies that show a correlation between a student’s performance in academics, their work habits, and their behavior and participation in extracurricular activities. When students participate in after school activities, they have higher grades, better behavior, and better work ethic. These are all things that will benefit them later in life.

For the reasons on this list and more, it is extremely important to encourage your child to participate in after school activities. So go and get them a medical checkup (if it is required) at your local urgent care facility, like Night-Lite Pediatrics and sign the forms, Letting your kid have a chance to participate in some activity, regardless of what they choose, will teach them skills that will have a positive impact on their present and future.

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Playing Time with my nephew at Zoo Safari in SM City Davao

It was the first time my nephew had been to Zoo Safari in SM City Davao. He was being astounded by the number of children around him. My nephew has turn 2 years old last February 11, 2012 and I called him nicknamed him JM short for Jayden Matthew, it was my birthday treat for him aside from the chocolate cake I bought.

 photo 2012-02-11-134422-300x225_zps50a9c301.jpg

He was afraid to play with other kids and he chose to stay on the side but the moment he saw a small bike he automatically rode it and drove it around the playing area. We were fascinated to see him navigate the bike.

 photo 2012-02-11-135124-300x225_zps6eaeae65.jpg

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We stayed there for almost two-hour and her wanted to stay longer but the time flew very fast and it’s almost dinner time. We need to be home in time for our simple birthday dinner for JM.

Kids Art and Doodle: The Flag of Great Britain

As I was checking on my Asus Fonepad, my niece Shevonne has drawn another cute art and now it’s the flag of Great Britain. Shevonne was born in London, United Kingdom and this explains why she did this. I am not really inclined with paintings and arts, but I am happy to see the artistic side of my niece.

 photo London_zps5755dc11.jpg

Just hoping that she justified the flag and here’s the another art and doodle she made previously. She wanted to be a fashion designer someday, but she is still too young to choose what she really wanted to be in the future. I asked her about the drawing and she said, it’s the result of boredom. Oh well, it’s good to see she had made a good result of her boredom, right?