Mother’s Day at D Leonor Inland Resort

The family decided to have simple celebration of the mother’s day at D Leonor inland resort. It was our first time at the resort. The place is huge and a lot of people are coming in to experience their wave pool. Upon arrival we went to the cashier to pay for the entrance fee then we waited for their in-house service to take us to our cottage.

Due to time constraints, we were unable to explore the place. However, we were brought to our cottage near the pool side. The scorching heat of the sun really makes your eyes swollen. But to my surprise a lot of people are swimming in the people.

We had fun experiencing the pool. Though the wave is not that big but at least we enjoyed it.

Know Your Forex Broker

Giving your full trust to someone or something is not really a good idea particularly when it comes to money matters. Things can go differently. No matter how long you’ve trusted them to other means, you don’t know if they are reliable enough when it comes to money.

This applies to knowing which to trust your funds especially when you want it to be invested at forex trading industry. Today’s conveniences bring a lot of negative aspects. With the ongoing buzz of forex trading, we can’t assure of which of these is to trust and those not to. Hence, before deciding to settle down your funds and start making money, make sure that you know your forex broker.

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To know if your desired forex broker is reliable and can be trusted more than a hundred percent, here are the things that you should take note of.

  • Check the Feedback of Investors

       -   Be a researcher. Before choosing the forex broker, study and learn its background. Consider the advantages and disadvantages it had given to its investors. In this way, you can weigh in if it is reliable enough or still need to be proven as one. This will help you decide if it is or not then.

  • Customer Service

        -   In times of hard, it is always consider of having someone to ask for about your account. A help from the company would be an advantage. Hence, in choosing a forex broker, never ever forget of including in your list having a customer service 24/7 for assistance.

  •  Reputation Online

         -   Through reading and searching reviews online, you’ll know how reputable a forex broker is. There are websites that check how reputable such website is. Checking its reliability will help you determine if such is indeed trustable enough or not.

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  • Forums

        -   Forums help interested investors to know if a certain forex site is genuine and can be trusted. Aside from that, with the forum’s help, we can easily identify which of the forex brokers today are real and scams.

Trusting your money to a certain website without knowing its background and other feedback could possibly put you into trouble. If you want to put your money in safe hand and earn while keeping it, always check first its capability to be trusted then.

Kids Art and Doodle: The Flag of Great Britain

As I was checking on my Asus Fonepad, my niece Shevonne has drawn another cute art and now it’s the flag of Great Britain. Shevonne was born in London, United Kingdom and this explains why she did this. I am not really inclined with paintings and arts, but I am happy to see the artistic side of my niece.

 photo London_zps5755dc11.jpg

Just hoping that she justified the flag and here’s the another art and doodle she made previously. She wanted to be a fashion designer someday, but she is still too young to choose what she really wanted to be in the future. I asked her about the drawing and she said, it’s the result of boredom. Oh well, it’s good to see she had made a good result of her boredom, right?

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