Happy Birthday Mama!

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Though I am not physically around on your birthday. I did not forget your most precious day. Happy Happy birthday, Mama. I am praying really hard that God will continue to flourish you good health and healthy life. Birthdays need not to be grand as long as you are happy and healthy. I guess, that’s all that matters most.

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I am very thankful for all your hard work and love, I know being selfless and given your all is the best gift we received as your children. My sisters and I are very grateful is not enough. But words cannot express how proud we are because God has given us fantastic parents. I know you are not perfect, you have your own flaws and so are we.

The gift of life you have given us is precious to us. From the moment we are born and you become our mother. Though I know, in the past, I made you cry and you know how sorry I am. But I replaced it will tear of joy and hoping to give you a big smile in the future.

From the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday Mama! We love you dearly.

Kids Art and Doodle: Simple Farm House

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The niece Shevonne made this using my Asus Fonepad. Since, I am not good at drawing things, she borrowed my Fonepad because she was bored. She is very keen in exploring my Fonepad application and this is what she did to erase her boredom. It turned out to be an art.

 photo house_zps43c9fbb7.png

This is the first installment of the many creative things she has drawn and I want to showcase it here in my blog. Though, it’s very simple, but I am proud of it. I know she loves to draw and make something creative and I support her all the way.

Hopefully, this Kids Art and Doodle: Simple Farm House she made will make a mark in your thoughts. Till the next art and doodle.

See you soon!

The History of Modern Chairs

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It never came into my mind that chairs have a great history. So, I would like you to read about the History of Modern Chairs.  It changed my mind when I read this Infrograhic. Hopefully, as I am amazed about it. This will be a big help in order for us to understand the importance of chairs in our lives and it should be loved and well taken care of in the first place.

I fully understand now that every furniture in the house like chairs and t the owner will be the one who will benefit the most when furniture’s are properly used.

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